Who am I?

My name is Manwa, a typical college teacher. If you are also into science, speech, talking, and communication, please come join me.

Have you wondered...

Now that we have landed Curiosity on Mars, are we ready to "talk" to Martians? What is "Hello" in Martian? Yutu 2 just touched down in the unexplored South Pole-Aitken basin of the Moon? Are we ready to "talk"?

For patients with their voice box removed, how do they talk to each other? Is laryngeal transplant possible?

Why do scratching the window with a coin gives us goose bumps and makes our heart beat faster? Can we learn to adapt this disturbing sound?

In CSI, experts compare voices to identify the suspect. How is that done?

How do ventriloquists talk without moving their lips and teeth? What is happening inside their mouth?

If you are also interested in these questions, welcome to the field of Speech Science - the scientific study of everything related to speech and language.

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